Is Vizio Losing Its Throne? Shocking Truth About Modern Vizio TVs That the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know!”

Vizio, a well-known TV brand, has had a significant impact on the television market since its entry in 2002. The company became popular by offering a balance between affordable prices and good picture quality, disrupting the market. Vizio achieved this success by not manufacturing its TVs but outsourcing production to other companies, much like Apple does with Foxconn. As of February 2023, Vizio outsources its TV manufacturing to eight different companies, with AmTran Technology and Foxconn being the two major players responsible for over 60% of Vizio’s manufacturing load. Vizio selects manufacturers based on their expertise and the specific requirements of each TV model.

In terms of how well modern Vizio TVs stack up against the competition, there are mixed opinions. Vizio’s reputation for providing excellent picture quality in lower- to mid-priced TVs has waned in recent years due to the emergence of other value-focused brands like TCL and Hisense. Additionally, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Vizio’s customer service and repair policies.

Consumer Reports, for example, removed its recommendation for Vizio in 2019, estimating that around 20% of Vizio TVs would experience issues within five years, compared to 11% for Sony. However, Vizio still has its supporters. The company’s OLED TVs have received positive reviews, with some calling them the best OLED TV value. The P-Series Quantum X and V-Series models have also garnered praise.

Wirecutter is optimistic about Vizio’s upcoming Quantum Pro series, set to be the company’s new flagship. USA Today’s Review had mixed but positive feedback on the OLED series, describing it as “a fantastic TV” with the expected performance of OLEDs. CNET ranked Vizio’s MQX series as the best mid-priced TV and the V-Series as the best budget TV for overall picture quality.

In summary, if you’re specifically looking for an OLED TV with a relatively low price point, Vizio appears to offer a competitive option. However, for other TV models and types, it depends on your specific preferences and priorities. As with any purchase, it’s advisable to read reviews and compare different brands and models to find the TV that best suits your needs.

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