MAJOR HOLIDAY DRAMA: McDonald’s SHUTS DOWN on Christmas Day 2023?

For some people, Christmas is an ordinary day, even though it’s an occasion for handcrafted meals and homemade sweets. You typically feel the need to get a fast bite for dinner whether people’re heading to the office or have chosen not to celebrate a different day with ham and potato mash. The query “Is McDonald’s open on Christmas 2023?” is presumably one of the most Googled queries on that particular day considering how many Americans have this choice.

To be honest, some people’s obsessive craving for a delicious Big Mac doesn’t go away even when they spend Christmas Day with loved ones. And who can really blame you if that’s how it is? Crunchy golden fries with a hot and juicy burger? Sure, please! But this Christmas, will you be able to obtain your favorite dish from the Golden Arches?

Will There Be Food at McDonald’s on Christmas Eve?

It’s helpful to know if it will be open on Christmas Eve as well as the big day before making any snap decisions on its opening hours. Fortunately, the response is in the affirmative. Christmas Eve will see McDonald’s open, however specific hours may apply based on location.

So, is it open on Christmas Day at McDonald’s?

In a nutshell, McDonald’s will be open on Christmas Day, which is Monday, December 25. Unfortunately, not all of the locations will be accessible. Given that franchisees operate the well-known fast-food restaurant, each location’s own operation hours will be determined. We advise utilizing the restaurant locator to confirm the hours before arriving just to be safe.

Not a fan of fast food on Thanksgiving? You can stop by any number of open eateries on Christmas Day for a hot meal in place of worrying.

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